Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Steven & Cherie

“Liz is the best!

I just finished my engagement session on Friday and it was a blast. I was honestly nervous about the photo shoot, not knowing what to do and how to act that looked “natural” in photos. Liz had a way of making both me and my fiance super comfortable and we both couldn’t get over how much fun we actually had on out photo date and it turned out to be super romantic :) We had our photo shoot at fun station and Liz was super brave in getting the people there to let us take picture in locations that were closed off to the public. She went extremely out of our way to make sure we had our perfect pictures and even got one of the workers to drive a go cart so she could take pictures of us on the go! All I can say is that I feel super lucky to get to have Liz as my photographer at my wedding. I can’t wait!”


Peter & Amber

“Perfect Photographer. How do we express how wonderful Elizabeth Davis Photography is in a review?? Our super high expectations were far exceeded and we couldn’t be happier! Choosing a wedding photographer is a daunting task. It is a lot of money to spend, but trust us, SPEND THE MONEY to get a great photographer because it’s an investment that will pay off for the rest of your lives. We were drawn to Elizabeth Davis because of her amazing photographs that you can see for yourself online. Her style is modern, but timeless, and the images are all unique and beautiful. She is a true artist. You can see her photos for yourself so I don’t want to waste time raving about how great her work is (even though we could spend ALL DAY raving about how great her work is).

What I want to review for you is the interactions with Elizabeth Davis and the things that you don’t get to see online. From the first email communication, Liz was timely, detailed, and thorough in her responses. She is an absolute professional at all times, but she is fun, energetic, and very obviously passionate about what she does. We had the privilege of working in person with Liz on two separate occasions, our engagement session and our wedding day. Our engagement session was the first time I had ever had professional pictures taken of me. I was nervous, as was my soon-to-be bride, but Liz made us feel so comfortable. She coached us and guided us throughout the shoot, but it was so relaxed and fun! She made us laugh and really enjoy the time together. Unfortunately, the weather was not ideal, but miraculously the pictures turned out AMAZING! Liz is so skilled at her craft that she understands how to capture the lighting, regardless of the weather conditions, for a polished and beautiful final product. Before our wedding day, Liz was so helpful! She helped us write our entire wedding timeline basically because we had no idea what we were doing. She went over every single formal photo we wanted to take (pre and post ceremony). She made sure to note every family member’s name so that on our wedding day she could refer to everybody by name. On our wedding day, Liz arrived at our venue EXACTLY when she said she would be there. She was so efficient with our formal shots (it felt like she only took pictures for a couple of minutes, but we ended up with SO MANY great shots!). Nobody got restless, even though we had a lot of family to take pictures with, because Liz coordinated the shots in advance with us and moved through them quickly. She got pictures of every single thing that we could have possibly wanted pictures of and captured every amazing moment of our wedding. She must also be a ninja because she was never in the way or obtrusive at all. It’s like she wasn’t even there! Crazy. I have no idea how she does it, but take our advice and use Elizabeth Davis for your wedding or any other event that you need photographed. You will not be disappointed. After we received our final wedding photos (exactly a month after the wedding), we looked through them and honestly felt like we were back at the wedding. Liz captured the spirit of our wedding and that is absolutely priceless.


Andrew & Mimi

“Hire Liz Davis! You are going to LOVE her!

I have always believed that wedding photographs are important. So when I began the search for our photographer, I sent email after email, made contact after contact, and then I finally found Liz. I met her for coffee; and after a few questions and seeing a few of her photographs, I knew she was exactly what I was looking for in a photographer. She is sincerely awesome. She is professional, kind, and incredibly talented! We had so much fun shooting our engagement photographs (which were gorgeous). When I saw the photos, I thought, “Oh wow! Wait a minute… is that us?!” We really enjoyed spending that afternoon with her. She is laid back and fun. We were able to relax and trust her. Those photos, and certainly those of our wedding, successfully reflected the love and joy shared between me and my dear husband. She was discreet on our wedding day, but managed to skillfully capture the best moments of that precious day. My husband and I commend Liz to you without reservation! May you be as blessed by her as we were!


Jack & Katy

I HIGHLY recommend Elizabeth Davis Photography to anyone who is looking for an amazing photographer for their wedding. She is incredibly talented, professional and a simply a genuine person. She makes a point to make herself available in person and via email/phone throughout the entire process. She truly wants to get to know her clients and I think it makes a difference in the shoot and the final product. The pictures from the engagement shoot and our wedding were ABOVE and BEYOND what I had even expected for our wedding. She was kind and patient with our entire family of all ages and seemed to really enjoy herself while working. Prior to receiving our pictures, she posted a few pictures for us on instagram and facebook, with our permission of course. We have already received our final product package in the mail with a personal note and extra goodies! Just incredible!! I could not be any happier!! Thank you!!!


Charlie & Heather

“I loved working with this photographer! Elizabeth is extremely professional and easy to work with! She is always on time, in a great mood and has the ability to capture the perfect shot!! I love the photos, she truly captured the look and feel of our entire wedding day, she could not have done a better job! I would highly recommend working with her!


Joe & Erika

I was initially drawn to Liz’s passion for documentary photography and her ability to capture the moment, and I was not disappointed! She shot our engagement and wedding pictures, and I was so pleased with the way the pictures came out. There was so much emotion in every picture, and they had such a natural look, which is amazing since my husband and I were really nervous coming into it. We were very impressed with the how comfortable she made us feel and how much fun we were able to have during the photo shoots. Overall, a great experience with a very talented, kind, and professional photographer!


John & Coley

Elizabeth Davis did such a great job on our engagement and wedding photos. I’ve already had friends say that some of the pictures should be in a wedding magazine! Liz was very professional and captured every beautiful moment that we wanted. I’m so glad that I was able to book her for the big day. No one else would’ve been able to do the outstanding job that she did. All of the pictures were absolutly gorgeous!!! Thank you so much Liz for making our special day even more fabulous with your photos!! Can’t wait to have her do our future pregnancy and family photos!!


Scot & Katy


I live in Jacksonville, but got married in Quitman, Georgia. Because I’m not from the area, I REALLY had to do my homework to find the right photographer. It was extremely important for me to find a photographer that was artistic and did not do posed, corny “stand and smile” photos. They are just not what I wanted to put on my walls after the wedding! Liz traveled over an hour to my husband’s family farm for an engagement shoot, and really took her time to capture the beauty of the farm. She traveled over an hour again to the wedding location and worked her tail off at our outdoor wedding! Looking at the shots she took, she completely encompassed the energy, the fun, and the happiness on our special day.

She was EVERYWHERE and no one really knew it….which made for some incredible candid shots! Everything we had mentioned we’d like she did on that day (when we were too busy to remember ANYTHING!) So many guests commented on how hard she worked and how she really seemed to love her job. She stands out among the rest of the photographers I researched for that very reason….I never felt like I was “just another wedding”…she really seemed to love what she was doing and it showed in the care and attention she took to capturing the energy of our wedding.

I am beyond picky when it comes to photographers…it was my biggest priority when choosing vendors for our wedding…and I’m so glad I did my research and found Liz!!! You will NOT be disappointed!!!


AJ & Adelaide

“Elizabeth Davis Photography was wonderful at our wedding! They were thorough and very appropriate at our church service. Liz is professional, easy going and put everyone at the wedding at ease. Every member of my wedding party commented on how much they loved her. We were so pleased with every single aspect of this service!! I highly recommend Elizabeth Photography to anyone who is looking for a photographer who can get beautiful, natural and gorgeous shots of every part of the day!”


Miguel & Amanda

Liz is the most amazing photographer. My husband and I first used Liz for our graduation photos from college, and we just loved working with her so much that we had to book her again for our wedding. She is so professional and talented. I wouldn’t recommend going with any other photographer. Liz just has a way with her clients that will bring out the best in them, which leads to the best photos. Please, use Elizabeth Davis Photography for your wedding. You WILL NOT regret it.”


Sean & Kara

“Liz!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh! These are so fantastic, I literally have tears in my eyes right now after looking at them. Thank you so so so so so much. You are truly gifted. Again, I cannot thank you enough. The first thing I told my sister was that I have the photos I am always jealous of other people having. :) Thank you for capturing the day so perfectly forever for us.”


Dan & Olivia

“There are not adequate words to describe how much we love our wedding photos! I am simply in awe of the way in which you captured not only Liv and I on our wedding day, but also the personalities of our friends and family (and our food!)! We have so many amazing memories and you’ve helped us preserve those in a truly… beautiful and artful way – moments to cherish! If they say that true art evokes emotion, then your candid portraits of our day will go down as high art in our home! Thank you! Liz, you come highly recommended by Olivia and I.”  -Dan

“Liz, We have just spent the past hour browsing through our pictures… they’re FABULOUS!!! You are so talented!!! We’ve decided that we would like you to capture the rest of our life, so if you could be here by 9 a.m. tomorrow, that’d be great ;) Seriously though, THANK YOU so much!! Simply breathtaking!!”    -Olivia


Kenley & Calyn

When I first got engaged, a good friend of mine recommended Liz to us as a photographer. I was floored when I looked at her pictures. They were so beautiful and creative. She had an eye for making even mundane things look extraordinary. When I met with her I couldn’t get over how sweet she was. Our pictures are phenomenal. Absolutely fantastic. She captured everything that was important to us. I couldn’t recommend her more highly. A wedding is only a few hours, but your pictures, and the memories captured by them, last forever. I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else to capture such a special day!


James & Nicole

“WOW!!! Where do I start to say how much I adore my wedding photos? They are so perfect; exactly what I had hoped for. The way Liz used the light and camera angles made each picture memorable. Liz was able to create a variety of photo looks; they’re gorgeous. These photos are timeless. Liz is not only talented at the pictures she captures but she is also a professional while taking them. I had a blast doing our engagement and wedding photos with her. Liz’s light and fun personality made me and my husband feel natural and comfortable. The quality was A+ and we will adore these photos forever!”


Dan & Sally

“**LOVE LOVE LOVE** my wedding pictures from Liz!! She has an amazing talent for capturing the special moments that most photographers overlook – the glances between friends, sweet smiles and the love between everyone. She makes you feel super comfortable in front of the camera so that your pictures are beautiful and natural. If you are looking for a photographer to capture any moment that is special to you… Liz is the perfect person!!!”


Mark & Hope

“We just got our wedding photos and they are all amazing. We spent hours looking at all of them. I don’t know how we are going to choose which ones to decorate with because they are all so beautiful! Elizabeth Davis is an amazing photographer and I would recommend her to any and everyone. She went above and beyond what I asked of her and made great quality pictures that I will cherish forever!”


Peter & Elisabeth

“I knew Elizabeth through mutual friends from college, and had kept up with her photography on Facebook. When my (now) husband and I began planning our wedding in Tallahassee, there was no question that we wanted Elizabeth to do our photography. We were both skeptical of engagement photos and posed wedding day pictures, and both tend to find wedding photography a bit cheesy. However, Elizabeth is friendly and puts you completely at ease. And, cheese is definitely not something that comes to mind when you look at Elizabeth’s photos. They are simply stunning and it’s clearly obvious she has a talent for catching the perfect moment and light for truly beautiful photographs. Plus, I’ve never seen a photographer work as hard as she did to capture every moment of the wedding day. We were beyond thrilled with the photos from our wedding and could not recommend her highly enough to anyone wanting beautiful and unique wedding photography.”


Bryson & Christa

“Best photographer in Tallahassee.

Liz did our engagement and our wedding photos. She is such a gem to work with and put me at ease in front of the camera. She was open to our input of what pictures we wanted, she let me bring props, and as we shot she also directed us in what to do. The end result was incredible memories caught on film. I’d use Liz again for any event and trust that I would get the same amazing results every time.”


Joe & Sarah

“So many people have told me that I have the most beautiful wedding pictures that they have ever seen.

When we started to plan for the wedding, I didn’t know what city we would get married in, who would officiate the ceremony, what I wanted my dress to look like, but I was 100% sure about who I wanted to be our photographer…ELIZABETH DAVIS! I had seen her photos from other weddings and knew that she would do an incredible job of documenting our big day, and she delivered. Every little moment that I remembered from the day was captured and the crazy thing is that, other than the posed photos, I do not remember seeing her once! She must be invisible because I have proof that she was everywhere! So many people have told me that I have the most beautiful wedding pictures that they have ever seen. You are making a mistake if you do not book Elizabeth Davis.”


Wiley & Eva

“We love Liz’s work! We are so pleased with our engagement and wedding pictures – they are natural and so beautiful.
She’s an easy person to work with and had great ideas for making our pictures one-of-a-kind. We are so happy we chose Liz to photograph our special day and have been recommending her to our friends.”


Kyle & Tiffany

“I can’t say enough good things about Elizabeth Davis Photography. Her work is beautiful. I was so pleased with our wedding photos. We couldn’t get them printed, framed and on our wall for all to see soon enough! Not only is the quality of her photos superb, Elizabeth Davis is the most time-efficient wedding photographer! The worst part of a wedding for the guest is waiting for the bride and groom at the reception site while they have their pictures taken. Not so with this artist! She gets all the shots in half the time and does not sacrifice an ounce of quality in doing so. She is also speedy in getting the photos back to the newlyweds. I know plenty of couples who wait several months to get their wedding photos. It seemed like we just got back from our honeymoon when we received our finished product from Liz. She took the time to find out what we wanted in our wedding photos and used her professional skill and natural eye to deliver photos that were better than we could have imagined! Elizabeth Davis Photography gets an A in my book! I highly recommend this artist!”   -Kyle

“Liz photographed my wedding and I highly recommend her to anyone! She did a beautiful job and really knows how to capture your entire day. When you look back on the pictures you truly see the story of your magical day. She is extremely fast and efficient. I noticed multiple times that when Liz was behind the camera, you do not have to wait at the reception for hours waiting for the wedding party to arrive. She is fun, personable, and an absolute joy to work with!!”                  -Tiffany


Austin & Kelsey

“I absolutely love my wedding photos! Liz did an incredible job. She put everyone at ease (and even managed to get my husband to take pictures)! She was everywhere yet unobtrusive in capturing the perfect moments. Our pictures were ready within the promised time frame. She delivered above and beyond what was asked or expected!”


Ciaran & Leona

I contacted Elizabeth last year after seeing her photos online (Style Me Pretty – Harvest Wedding) and being drawn in by the little tune on her website (you could only feel happy listening to it!). An avalanche of emails later and we had bundles of ideas, two transatlantic flights and a rented car booked! To my overly cautious and highly skeptical familys surprise, our American photographer and her hubby landed in Ireland in time for the wedding! The first time I actually got to meet Elizabeth was when I walked up the aisle on the day itself, but she is a delight! Aside from her absolute professionalism, Elizabeth and Josh pretty much disappeared into the walls of the Church and reception venue, yet still she took the most amazing photos…they were so subtle and quiet that we never at any point felt our day was all about the photos. So many people commented on this to us later and anyone they chatted to adored them both! They stayed on late into the night (far later than we ever expected and we are so grateful) and got some really fab pictures of the auld ones dancing! We were away on honeymoon when we saw our pictures online and we were blown away by them! Elizabeth you are unique and wonderful and the two of you make an unbeatable team. Thank you again so much, and you are always welcome in our home when you make it back here for a visit!  Love, Leona & Ciaran xxx


Shaun & Sara

“My wife and I had the privilege of having Liz as our wedding photographer. Her eye for capturing the genuine feeling of a moment is a rare talent in Tallahassee. Liz does an exceptional job communicating with her subjects in order to make them comfortable. I’ve never seen a photo by Liz that appears posed or contrived. She has the unique ability to capture the glances and quick looks between a couple and transform them into beautiful portraits. I routinely recommend Liz to friend, family, coworkers, basically anyone in need of exception photography services. Check out her blog and compare it against any other photog in town and you will quickly learn that she is one of the best.”


Drew & LeeAnn

“If you are looking for an amazing photographer who thinks outside the box, and is not simply a “cookie cutter” photographer, then you’ve found the right person. Elizabeth’s candid style gives you remarkable images that are not posed or forced, but rather naturally beautiful and artistic. The type of photos you see in magazines really can be yours!

We are so happy that we chose Elizabeth Davis to be our wedding photographer. From our very first meeting, we could see that we had made the right choice. She was easy to work with, dependable, patiently willing to listen to us about our concerns and wishes, and most importantly, made us feel comfortable behind the camera. Our wedding photos are more beautiful than we could have ever imagined them to be. Liz has an eye for detail that is so fresh and really smart. We felt so comfortable with her there at our wedding, and most of the time, it was like she wasn’t there at all. We were also pleased with how professional she was as she navigated the many hours throughout the wedding.

We will continue to use Liz to capture other important moments in our lives, because honestly, we can’t imagine trusting anyone else to do it…she is the best!”


Anthony & Cristen

“Liz, I want you to know that picking you as our wedding photographer was the easiest decision we made when it came to planning our wedding. Your talent and attention to detail have given us the biggest gift we could ask for – perfect documentation of our special day. We smiled and laughed (and I cried) while looking through the photos when they arrived. Months later, I still look at them, thankful to have met you and to have the pictures I had dreamed of.

I have recommended you to everyone I hear in need of a photographer. I’m sure to tell them of the day I met you; how sweet it was of you to meet with us on the early morning of your birthday. I explain to them the attention you paid to me, writing down notes of what types of photos I liked. I tell them how you were the first and only photographer we met with. We were so positive you were the person we wanted to work with that we didn’t even make it back to the car before I turned around, ran back to the coffee shop, and told you. I tell them that in the craziness of planning the wedding, you reached out to me with reminder emails and phone calls (it was a big help and kept me on track). I tell them about your stealth skills and calm presence on the wedding day. I know that YOU know all the work that you put in to this process, but I want you to know, that your professionalism and kindness were not overlooked. I also want everyone else to know how completely AMAZING you are!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.”


Phillip & Nikki

“When we started our wedding planning, there were friends of ours who were recommending certain friends of theirs for a photographer. But, after several that either weren’t available or who’s work didn’t look great at all or were way overpriced, I called Elizabeth just a month before the wedding and we were able to sit down the next day and get everything in line. I actually knew that we wanted Elizabeth before even meeting up with her. Just look at her website and check her work out. It is amazing. The one thing that we did not want was a bunch of cheesy, posed pictures. I didn’t like the idea of engagement pictures really but Elizabeth made the engagement session really a lot of fun. We were able to be ourselves and Elizabeth caught a lot of great pictures.

The wedding was just the same way. Sometimes when you go to weddings, there is that pesky photographer that is always up in the middle of everything, but we barely even noticed that she was there. And, she was able to still catch A TON of AMAZING pictures!! She was SO easy to work and we would recommend her to anyone!!”


Chris & Liz

“Elizabeth Davis was absolutely wonderful to work with. She was very flexible with scheduling and quick to reply through email conversations. She is very professional and made us feel like we were very important customers. When we started taking pictures both Chris and I were nervous, but Liz’s playful personality made us feel comfortable and relaxed. She made it so much fun and really embellished just the wonderful time Chris and I got to celebrate our love.

When we got to see our pictures on the website/blog/and on our CD we were absolutely blown away! Liz’s creativity and artistic eye makes her the incredible photographer she is! I highly recommend her photography and her business!”


Brandi & Family

Just got the gallery for my twin boys’ 3rd birthday party and they are, without a doubt, some of the best photographs I’ve ever seen. Liz captured the joy and all the fun the boys and their friends had. I’ll treasure these photographs forever and am eternally grateful to Liz for her talent. She’s got a great eye and I love seeing their party through her lens. She’s a rock star. Thanks, Liz!


Matt & Christina

“Would use Elizabeth Davis Photography again! So pleased!

Elizabeth Davis Photography was a pleasure to work with. They were happy to work with us in creating a wedding package that would fit our budget, provided quick and clear responces to questions, and went above and beyond in providing a beautiful final product. I highly recommend both the skill and service of Elizabeth Davis Photography.”


Michael & Jennifer

“Great, authentic photographer.

We really feel like we lucked into finding Liz. We compared a lot of other photographers’ websites and Liz was just as good (if not better) than those that had been in business for years and years and were double her rates. She was a lot of fun to work with and blended professionalism and approachability extremely well. We really enjoyed having her as our photographer because of her quality work and because she is so great to work with. The ultimate test of a photographer is of course, the finished product. We love all of our wedding photos and are struggling to pick out the ones for an album and prints because there are so many great photos. Elizabeth Davis is highly recommended!”

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